Why even starting this blog was almost overthinked to death.

As an introvert, I think a lot. I ask internal questions about everything I see, and, as with all introverts, this amount of information coming in at once is overwhelming. This is why we “recharge” when we’re alone, when there’s less to think about.

In regards to the blog: I’m a writer, and I’m in school for writing. The first thing any “Writing Tips” list will say is to “Write a little bit everyday.” That phrase has stuck in my head like a bad pop song. Write a little bit everyday.

They usually suggest a blog, as incentive to write that darn little bit every day.

Even as I began opening wordpress, I wondered…what is the purpose of this? What will anyone gain? Will anyone read it? How will people find it? Will I write one post and then forget it?

Sometimes in life, you just have to stop thinking and act. And so, introvert Playground was born. It might be short lived, or never be read, but it exists now.

Let’s play.


One thought on “Why even starting this blog was almost overthinked to death.

  1. It’s like I was reading my bio… except for the “in school for writing” part 🙂 I am no writer but as an introvert I don’t like talking to people…hmm, quite refreshing to say that out loud! I continue to work on myself though so thanks for creating this blog for us…

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