The Endless Sinkhole of “Nah

One can always say “Nah.”

“Wanna go to the movies?”


“I should probably get out of bed…nah.”

And the funny thing is, why not? Why not nah? If you say nah, you get to stay in–the introvert’s dream. Canceling plans is like crack–I believe Louis C.K. coined that phrase. It feels so good to do, and it becomes addictive quickly.

As I mentioned previously, introvert does not mean antisocial. Canceling plans feels good until we’ve read for an hour and spent another three on the internet and are bored out of our minds. We can always say nah.

Sometimes I will really not want to talk on the phone, and will have already have said nah to it, but then I’ll find my body dialing the number. As if my body is tired of my brain’s bullshit. I don’t blame it, really, as oftentimes I’m saying nah to sunlight and exercise.

As good as nah feels, nothing feels better than actually doing things. Even if “Yeah, okay” feels like a sword in your stomach, it’s better than laying in bed all night getting lonelier by the moment.

Even though I know this, sometimes I have to say nah. Sometimes we all do. Just be wary of the endless sinkhole it creates. When you say nah to everything, why bother living at all?


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