Scarves, Sweatshirts, and Loose-fitting Clothing

It is hot. Like, really hot. Like, “Can we please have class inside?” hot.

However, I am in the strange position of wearing scarves, sweatshirts, and loose-fitting clothing a grand majority of the time.

I recently made a post about wearing more professional clothing, which part of this follows. Tiny shorts, mini skirts, and tank tops are not even close to being professional, so the more modest clothing is okay. But, when I’m trudging to class, where some people are in pajamas and flip flops, there’s no need to dress like I’m doing something actually important.

Introverted doesn’t always mean insecure, and they may not even be related, but I am definitely both. These two things are huge driving forces to keep me tucked up in my room all the time–the exhaustion from too much social interaction, and the idea that I would be too awkward, too uncomfortable, too ugly while I’m there.

So, the clothing? With form-fitting clothes I’m always sucking in my tummy, making sure I’m not standing weird. I’d rather wear clothes that blur the outline of my body and spend my worrying energy on how my face and hair looks, or how my voice sounds.

Naturally, I’d rather not worry about anything at all, but the sad reality is that it’s hard to do that.

So I suffer in the heat to keep my head held a little higher.



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