My Feelings on Fashion

As an introvert, I don’t tend to wear clothes that will draw too much attention to me. Even still, I like looking my best and try to dress in a way that is stylish without being over the top.

I recently had a professional-dress job, and realized my wardrobe–while pretty–wasn’t very professional. So, I went out and bought some dress pants, some nicer shirts, some well-made shoes. After the initial shock I found I felt much better about myself, and was surprised at how the rest of my clothes had affected me. In my new clothes I felt smarter, older, and it seemed like people respected me more as a colleague, even though as an intern I was at the bottom rung.

I like watching fashion shows now and then. I like seeing how trends float down the social ladder and change as they go, transforming into clothes actual people might wear. I like shopping, but I don’t like spending money so I go to thrift stores and outlet malls. I still make out pretty well.

I do think, as had been said before, there is a difference between fashion and style. I’m not somehow “above” fashion, no one really is, but style is far more important. Style is how you express yourself within the broad topic of fashion. Right now, as far as I can tell with my limited knowledge, Earth tones are coming in. This is great, I love Earth tones. Deep burgundy, olive green, mustard yellow, rich brown…all in fashion, but its style that shows where and when I use the trend.

The best part about style is that it doesn’t always have to follow current trends. I still wear scarves even though those aren’t in vogue anymore, and I have a drawer full of flannels and cardigans for layers. I’m glad I don’t only follow strict fashion rules, it allows me to be creative.

As Meryl Streep said in The Devil Wears Prada, we are all affected by fashion. Every bit of clothing we wear is a redesign of a redesign of a high-end designer, and whether we know it or not we are affected by the clothes we wear. Professional clothes make me feel more professional, and sweatpants make me feel lazy.

Some advice with this falls in with the ever-famous “fake it ’til you make it.” If you feel lazy, hating the fact that it’s only Tuesday, put on some nice clothes. A tie, a skirt, nice shoes. Comb your hair. It will make you feel better. Dress for success, as they say.

Just don’t wear navy blue with black…that will never make anyone feel better.

One thought on “My Feelings on Fashion

  1. I love this post! I’m an introvert too, but I want to go into fashion PR. I use my style as a way of expressing myself in a way that my words sometimes can’t. And there is definitely a difference between fashion and style! I feel like fashion is something kind of removed from us, whereas style is how we take fashion and make it our own and make it reflect ourselves. Also, earth tones are the best 🙂 I’m so excited for the ’70s trend that is popular this fall/winter!

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