I’m back!

It’s been four months—I know, but I have a good excuse. Good excuses, I should say. I was hired mid October for a co-op position at the Boston Globe! And I’ve been  writing for them since late December, with a lot of running around in between. So now I work from 9-5, with night classes from 6-8. Long days, I know. But I’m doing it:)

I have a private cubicle. Amazing, for the introvert life. I have lunch with the two other co-ops in my division, so I do socialize and I’m making friends, all while keeping quiet and to myself for most of the day. My boss works from home so really, I have a lot of time to myself, which helps my process.

I really like working for the Globe. I’ve been published already—nothing big, just little feature articles on what’s going on. I write in the regionals section, so I cover the towns north of Boston. Little suburbs, mainly, so I write about charities, schools, stuff like that.

What else? Well, I’m trying to maneuver a study abroad semester for the fall. My boyfriend, by the way, is studying abroad in Mexico right now, so I’m dealing with that. Expect posts on both in the future…I joined an Emerson College blog on books and publishing, and am taking an American Sign Language class as an elective, which is honestly both really fun and very informative.

I’m also thinking of starting a YouTube channel, for little vlogs and ukulele songs. We’ll see if that comes to fruition. I’m writing songs now, comedic ones, serious ones…I have an idea of having a show called “Songs that sound ridiculous on ukulele,” in which I’d sing like, death metal and emo songs on  my bouncy, silly, tiny-guitar.

I’m glad to rejoin the introvert playground!


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