All of my everything

All these charms but still no luck,

All this space but still you’re stuck.

All this air, my broken lungs,

No more words, just tired tongues.

All this wine without a corkscrew,

All these tears without a tissue.

All my truth, all your deceiving.

All my love, but you’re still leaving.


All that time, but I fight for more,

All your words piercing my core.

All our children, all our wealth,

All our scars, our mental health.

All this paper, all this ink,

So much silence, I can’t think.

All your doubt, but I’m still believing,

Lack of love’s not why you’re leaving.


All my things out of our room,

All this bed, and yet no you.

All my words and all my cries,

All my yells, and all my sighs.

All I ask—just don’t forget:

I haven’t given up just yet.

Even though I know you’re leaving,

I can’t stop my self-deceiving.


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