I wish I could sing!

I guess everyone wishes they could sing. But man! I’m at like, a 5/10. I’m not what you’d call bad, but I’m not what you’d call good, either. Which sucks, because I love music, and I like writing songs,but I feel like I shouldn’t sing them unless they’re very simple and/or pretty funny, because people won’t care if you don’t sound great if they’re laughing.

I feel a bit limited by this, really. Not that I have time or money for singing lessons…but I like mashing up songs, I like playing serious songs, I like writing about my family, my relationships…but I feel like I can only sing the songs about silly things.

In showbiz they call it being “typecast” when people one want to cast you in one specific sort of role; like Al Pachino playing the tough guy or Tom Cruise playing the action hero or Adam Sandler playing…Adam Sandler. That’s what it sort of feels like–I’m typecast, because of my startlingly mediocre voice, to only sing funny or easy songs.

Solutions? Well, I mean, taking lessons. Practice. But you know those:)

I think the introspective tip here is to not let yourself be typecast, whether it’s with singing, or with your work, or your hobby, or whatever. If you’re only allowed to do one sort of task but you want to do another, ask for the chance to try. Watch a YouTube video on how to do better. Take a chance and make it happen.

I guess I’ll take my own advice, practice, and make it happen…eventually. For now I’ll just play my silly songs until I have the strength to perform serious songs for others..which is where my introversion comes in.

Like many introverts, I actually don’t mind being onstage/performing. I acted in high school, and still like playing (my silly songs) for people. I only like doing so, however, when I have complete confidence in myself, hence my self-type casting. I suppose you could see it as either limiting or knowing my limits. Hm, interesting thought, that.

After all, we do all have limits. After practice, trying, taking risks, if it still doesn’t work…maybe it means that’s just our limit. That’s how we know.

I like that. It’s not often I have breakthroughs WHILE writing the blog:) But it actually makes a lot of sense. Don’t let yourself be typecast, but know your limits. Take chances, but know the difference between perseverance and when something is simply not meant to be. I think introverts will actually have an easier time with this than others, because we constantly try to better ourselves and look inside ourselves for answers.

My solution to my current limitation? I still write songs and create mashups, but I let my friend, a trained singer, sing them. I play the music and do backup vocals. I actually like doing it a lot. From self-limiting to self-growth to a healthy compromise.

So flourish, fellow introverts, into the best you possible. Don’t worry if you can’t be better than that.



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