I cna’t spell for the lfie of me

Do you have those words you just can’t spell right? Mine is “receive.” That i-before-e-except-after-c rule is ridiculous, in my opinion. I’m a native English speaker, and I still spell half the words I type wrong. The most worn-down key on my keyboard is easily the back-space. Good thing I live in a time after typewriters, or I’d go through gallons of white-out a day.

I realize it’s partially because I type too fast and sometimes go on autopilot; sometimes my fingers act like autocorrect, incorrectly. Like in that last sentence, when I went to write “fast” I automatically wrote “face.” I also sometimes just don’t hit the right key, with no excuse.

Another thing I’m just recently realizing is that while my backspace is hopelessly overused, my right-shift key is barely touched. I just use the left shift key for everything, no matter what I’m capitalizing. Plus, that home-key nonsense? Please, my hands hover over the keyboard like it’s made of lava.

When I write longhand, my spelling is a bit better, but my handwriting is atrocious. Good thing we live in a time after computers, or reading this blog would just give you a headache.

To prove to you my terrible spelling, I’ll leave the rest of this unedited:

I wonder sometimes whey I’m alwaus in a rush. I guess I always have neen. I’ve always walked fact in the whllway, I’ve alwas written fac,e read fast, gotten myu homework done vcast. Like yeaterday, I think it’s time I learn to slow down. It would be best, fr everyone, if I took a breath every once in a while. That’s good anydice for anyone out there.

Stop and smell the roses. Well, I don’t knoaw. It’s a constand conflict with me—shoule I relax a bit, or keep moving forward (as Walt Disney said)? I’m in a great internship, but the youngerst one here. I’m takig night classes to get athead, at the expense of rarely seeing my friends. I’m fighting super hard to get into the study aborad program, which is oemsthing I want separately from my acreer or school.

And I’m still looiing for summer internships…maybe I’m a bit crazy. Ovre ambitious. It couldn’t hurt to take a break. Stretch betwen workouts. Check for spelling…

Where do you all stand on this? Do you hit the left shift key? Do you spell “receive” correctly? Do you fret and worry and move too quickly to breathe?

As introverts, we work well alone. We work best when we have time to recharge. If we don’t, we’ll get worn out far too quickly, and won’t be able to get anything done. Perhaps it’s time I listen to my own advice.


3 thoughts on “I cna’t spell for the lfie of me

  1. “embarrass” is a tough one for me. I always forget the double r. And “accommodate” with the double m.


  2. Hi, Introvert!
    I’ve just found your blog through Opinionated Man, and I love what I’ve seen so far.
    Completely understand the slurry of typos and misspelled (ironically I just had to double-check that word! 😂) words, as anything I type tends to look like that unedited section as well!
    I hadn’t thought about the lack of use my right shift key gets…I feel like I’m neglecting it now!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing and I’m looking forward to reading through more of your posts ☺ – Adam



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