Chasing Michael Rezendes

This is the mortifying, victorious story of how little introvert me chased down award-winning investigative journalist Michael Rezendes.
Michael Rezendes is a member of the Boston Globe Spotlight team that covered the Catholic Church abuse scandal. If you saw the movie Spotlight, he was played by Mark Ruffalo, and honestly, I was more star-struck than if actual Mark Ruffalo were there, and I love the Avengers.

I’m an intern reporter at the Boston Globe, as many of you know, and Rezendes is a living legend in journalism. All the interns gather every month or so for a “Lunch and Learn,” where we get free sandwiches and special lectures. This one, hosted by Rezendes and Jenn Abelson, also of Spotlight, was about investigative journalism.

They both shared amazing stories about “Fishy Business,” “Clash in the Name of Care,” and, of course, the Catholic Church scandal the movie focused on. I took plenty of notes and learned a lot, but I couldn’t help my hands from shaking .These people are the best of the best.

My mom had messaged me and said she wanted a picture of me with them. I thought to myself, that’s rather unprofessional…I mean, they’re just normal people trying to do their job. But as I sat, I realized that this was the time. I might never see them again, this building is huge, and after my internship is over, who knows if I’ll ever get the opportunity?

I had a mission.

As the meeting was over, I scrambled to get to the front, but Rezendes and Abelson were out the door and people were pushing their chairs in my way and huddling around the trash. I fought my way out, and caught them heading around a corner. I couldn’t believe it—I was chasing the Spotlight team around the office. What the hell?!

They were talking to someone in their cubicles when I finally caught up, and I was about to turn around and give up (realizing how silly this all was), when Rezendes saw me staring at them from behind a pillar and said hi.

“Um, hi,” I said, almost dropping my phone. “Ah, so, my mom really likes Spotlight, and I was wondering if I could get a picture?”

Of course he said yes, and the deed was done. I shook his hand and scooted back to my desk, hands shaking, face burning, giggling uncontrollably. God, I just chased down a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for a photo-op

He’ll forget it happened, I figured, he won’t remember me.

Nope. He said hi to me in the hall the next day.

I don’t know if he sees me as the crazy intern, or the one brave enough to talk to him separately, or what, but it doesn’t matter. He recognized me. Michael Rezendes recognized me. What is my life??

So yes, this is the closest thing I have to knowing a famous person, and it was one of the coolest days of my internship so far…I can’t even handle it.

I still can’t believe I did this! He was so nice, and so incredibly intelligent. What a great, inspiring person to have had the pleasure to meet.

Now here’s hoping he doesn’t find this post and think I’m even more of a crazy person.

5 thoughts on “Chasing Michael Rezendes

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I don’t suspect he’d find anything untoward in it!

    At a party a couple years back, I was chatting with someone about how I used to work as an extra during law school. I said I’d worked on The West Wing a couple of times. The guy I was talking with called out excitedly to his wife, who came and asked me about it since it was their favorite show.

    I later told my husband, who got all weak-kneed. “He’s an Oscar-winning writer! You were talking to an Oscar-winning writer!” I chuckled at his response, and thought how it’s sometimes good not to know. I don’t think I would’ve said anything different, but who’s to say? :p I’m glad I got to have the conversation just as it happened!



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