Spring Break (from other people)!

This is my second spring break!

The second of which I’ve spent working!

Yes. I know, I’m boring. Last year I spent spring break at Chipotle, rollin’ burritos while my roommate was in Florida, on the beach. This year, I’m at the Globe, but adding onto that I’m living on campus. I’m one of abut 15 people still on the Emerson campus.

And it is FANTASTIC.

No loud roommates! No one in the kitchen! No wait for elevators! Just me and a few other kids in a 12-floor dorm building all to ourselves:) I’ve been playing music, dancing, being as loud as I like, cooking smelly food in the mutual kitchen…Oh, it’ amazing.

Often being an introvert is something we have to do in our own little corners, hidden away from other people alone. But now! I get to be alone in the whole building! I can read in the common room, without other people coming in to talk. I can cook and listen to music. I can leave my door open, even unlocked if I want to. I can be an introvert on my own terms.

It’s great, to not have to worry about bumping into people everywhere I turn. It’s peaceful, really. It’s lovely.

I’m sure this will wear out by the end of the week, and I’ll end up lonely and wanting a bit of company. But for now, I’m loving this solitude. I’m going to use it to let my creative juices flow! And with no classes to run to at night, I have lots of time to do that!

Yes! I dub this week “Happy Introvert Week,” because that’s what I am, and that’s what this is. I don’t even mind if I’m working, or if I’m not getting to do fun spring break things. I get to have the whole floor to myself.  And that’s probably the best working-spring break possible.

One thought on “Spring Break (from other people)!

  1. How great it all sounds! I know that feeling. It’s amazing how introverts become so free when simply left alone. Yes, it might get lonely after a little while. Enjoy it until then.



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