Life update!

I think meditating has been efficiently combating my anxiety. I do feel better, mentally, but worse physically. Today, I have a cold, and believe it or not, I think it’s a sign that meditation is working.

I often spend the first few days of school sick. The first week of my internship I was sneezing and coughing all over the place. I usually get a little sniffle when I go on big trips. I think it’s that whenever stress builds up, whenever I think about something a lot or worry a lot, my body goes into fight-or-flight mode. That’s why my hands get cold and shake, and why my heart beats fast, and why I have a bunch of extra energy and my knees bounce around. Too much adrenaline, pumping all the time.

After the trip/school year/etc. begins, all that stress goes away, and my body goes back to normal—usually through a short head cold. Almost as if releasing my stress I’m also releasing a floodgate in my sinuses. Ugh. Anyway, I’m willing to bet that my meditation and mindfulness has helped me combat my recent surge of anxiety, and now my body is adjusting to normalcy with a cold.

I don’t know how true that is, but I think there’s something there. Either I’m right, or allergy season came way early this year, which, with global warming and all, wouldn’t surprise me either.

Other signs? Well, I’m still fidgety but I feel generally better. This week-long break from both class and other people has done wonders for me. However, it’s Wednesday, and I’m pretty ready for my friends to come back to school. And I’m super ready for my boyfriend to get back into a wifi zone so we can message through Facebook again. He’s doing this really interesting week-long jungle trek for a botany class in the Mexican rainforest. I can’t wait to hear about it! I might even have him do a little guest post on the Playground about it.

He’ll be home for real in about five weeks, which is even more exciting. I’ll probably get another cold thenJ

Update complete! Much love,



3 thoughts on “Life update!

  1. Meditation helps, but if you can’t find a peaceful spot then forget it. So nice to hear others ways of coping against anxiety and depression, keep doing what you do, especially as it’s helping you.


  2. Glad you took the hippie plunge! Meditation is the best!
    I blog about it..stop by if you would like 🙂


  3. josiahrosenbergerauthor

    So glad to hear that meditation has been good for you. It’s been such a positive thing in my life. What type of meditation are doing?




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