Missing Community

I’ve been having the high school feels recently. It’s because my friends still in high school–seniors now, though when I was in school they were freshmen–are on their big senior trip, and it feels like I was there yesterday. It’s so nice to see them having fun in their Facebook photos, but God, I miss it.

I was determined not to miss high school. I don’t, really. There was a lot I didn’t like. I guess mostly what I miss is the sense of community. My college doesn’t have any school pride, and my major is so big no one hangs out together.

I miss being part of an orchestra. That’s really it. A team. A group of people who may not all be the best of friends, but who support each other because that’s what you do on a team. It’s cheesy…but true. And I miss it.

How do you have a community as an adult? I feel like there’s no time for it. I don’t have the talent to join an adult orchestra, nor the time to practice. How do adults have time to do anything fun?

Maybe it’s just practice. Maybe that’s what family life will be–the sense of community I’m missing. I guess I won’t know until I get there.

I hope they’re having the times of their lives.

I am glad that college isn’t a total drag, though. I’m allowed to miss high school a little sometimes, just like I’m allowed to long for the future now and then, as long as I don’t forget the present.


3 thoughts on “Missing Community

  1. This definitely resonates with my situation of being a recent college graduate with friends still in college. I think in my case, Im just wierd that Im great with having closeby friends but once either side becomes long distance, it falls apart and something about using social media/phone that doesn’t quite do it for me. In the end I suppose I just have to force my self to look for those types of communities in the adult world, they are out there but I have to tweak my personality so I get out of my comfort zone.


  2. Sadly, community becomes harder and harder to find as one becomes older. I have even done research of social activities and community for people who don’t go to church. Other than volunteer work, most people in forums have no ideas. There are atheist groups, but I have no desire to sit around having coffee and bashing Christians. Plus, I’m an introvert, I am not good in social groups. I like groups, like you described, where we are actually doing something together. As I said, there are many people out there seeking that sense of community. One person actually wrote that one simply has to find a fulfilling community within their work, and home life.

    As for memories, recently I actually wrote a short story, posted on my blog titled, “Thoughts and Memories”. I looked at it from the perspective of being an introvert and highly sensitive. It’s how I see memories.

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  3. Hmm, I don’t think one ever gets quite that HS experience back. (Thank goodness, for me! Lol.) My son, on the other hand, graduated last June. He was super involved, like Mr. High School, yet he seems to have moved on so completely. (It’s kind of hard not to, I guess, when you move away for university.) So, yeah, adult life will never quite be the same–that closeness, the emotions right on the surface, like it was in high school because you are never again that age where you are a young person on the cusp of adulthood with all of these other people around you, in your pocket, every day. But adulthood is different, and brilliant in its own ways. (Like, you can go to the grocery store any time and just clean out the baked goods section!) You will create your own communities. And you’ll have challenges and adventures. It’ll just be different.



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