Missing Community II: Coffee jitters

It’s daylight savings time here in the US, which means we suddenly “spring forward” one hour, putting the entire country (except a few lucky abstaining states, like Arizona) into mild jet lag. My work is giving out free coffee all day. I’m on my second cup. I never have a second cup!

The coffee isn’t great. It tastes like a mix between chocolate-coated beef jerky and nail polish remover, but it gets the job done, and hey, it’s free. Besides, I run on Dunkin’, so my opinions on good coffee are pretty moot.

I recently wrote about how I meet the community feel of high school. Going through daylight savings, surprisingly, made it feel like I was in a community of sorts again. Everybody was tired at the same time, complaining about the same thing, guzzling caffeine and wanting to go home. In many ways, it was just like high school.

Probably the most important part of a community is having something to fight for—and something to fight against. Having a common enemy makes people work together. I didn’t like a lot of people in drama club, but after a successful show we might as well have been family, crying and hugging, sharing the love. When I was at competitions with the orchestra, we banded together like the goddamn Avengers, one-liners and all. It feels great to all be in agreement, to all feel the same thing at the same time, and to know you are all working together for one goal.

I guess to feel community you have to face a challenge in a group. That makes sense. Fighting, together. Struggling, together.

Today, the struggle is against the temptation to go home and sleep, but no matter the battle, we are in it together. We can complain together, we can fuel up together, and we can celebrate together at the stroke of 5.

Who knew sleep-deprivation and being miserable would help me feel so much better?



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