Catching up

I know it’s impossible to “catch up” on sleep, but that didn’t stop me from trying!

Happy April, guys. Are you enjoying the A to Z Challenge? I am. I have great plans, and a pretty cool episodic layout I think you’ll like. It feels great to be writing so much.

I’m done nothing but sleep and snack today, and that’s fine. It’s one of the last lazy weekends on campus for me, since I’m going home next weekend and Colin will be coming home the weekend after that and visiting the following weekend, so this was a good day to be bored and lazy.

…I should have studied for a test I have Thursday, but you know what? Breaks are good, and it’s healthy to take them. So what if I only went outside to buy a jar of pickles and then proceeded to eat three within ten minutes? That’s what Sundays are for.

Also, it snowed this morning in Boston after a week of 60 degree weather. So, yeah, screw leaving the house.

It’s been a nice day, but I’m excited to get back into writing tomorrow. C! for Christina! And something else. You’ll find out tomorrow.

Have a good rest of your Sunday:)



2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Is it a problem when your Sunday turns into a Monday of the same? If it is, I’m in trouble. Chocolate, please!

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  2. I had very similar days to yours! Except no snow or exams looming over but could have plenty other things to stress about, I just didn’t! Here’s to lazy Sundays 😉



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