The final moments

My boyfriend is currently on the flight back to Boston. In two hours I’ll see him for the first time since mid January–three months, he’s been in Mexico! I have butterflies in my stomach.

These last few hours are going to last a lifetime. Waiting for things is so silly. It’s fun to be excited, but it slows down time. I just want it to be six! This is probably the first Sunday ever that I am begging to go by faster.

I have some American candy for him, like Sour Patch Kids and Hershey’s chocolate, as well as some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream–obviously, Americone Dream. I’ve got on a new dress, and I’m headed to the airport in about an hour. My gosh, it’s the day I’ve been anticipating since he applied for the study abroad around a year ago. I’m so excited.

Welcome home, honey:)


5 thoughts on “The final moments

  1. I am happy for you! Enjoy every moment of each other!💝


  2. Welcome back to him. I wish you both good times and happiness.

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  3. I can almost remember a time when my wife would get this excited when I came home! Ah, best wishes!



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