Introvert Fashion

I’m addicted to scarves.

No, it’s true. I have probably about thirty scarves. It’s a problem. But I love them.

I do really like fashion, but I’m not a huge risk-taker. I wouldn’t leave the house in a Lady Gaga meat dress or anything–in fact, I often limit myself to one “strange” thing per outfit, whether that be a scarf or bright shoes or big earrings.

The second thing about my fashion sense is that, obviously, I’m an introvert, so while I like being fashionable I don’t like to stand out too much. I wear a lot of earth tones. Burgundy, olive, dark  brown. I also like to cover up quite a bit with cardigans or tights or, yes, scarves.

There are some strange fashion choices, especially at a liberal college like the one I go to. I’ve seen girls with full heads of hair wear wigs to class. I’ve seen fake tattoos, platform sneakers, and sweaters with boobs embroidered on the front.

This is all fine–fashion is about expression, and if girls want to express themselves with neon and flash that’s fine! It just usually signals a neon and flashy personality, which I don’t really have, so the fashion seems odd to me.

Fashion may seem trivial, but it’s a way for other people to see who you are at a glance. However, it’s not just about how daring your choices are. Even as an introvert I like a bit of color. I like painting my nails and wearing hats and just a bit of flair, because I like to.

What I would never wear is a political tee shirt or button. A lot of my (liberal, young) friends are very much into Bernie Sanders (democrat running for president in the US). That’s great, fine, but then they also wear his shirts, his buttons, his stickers, like flashing billboards about their political views. I just wouldn’t be comfortable doing that. It’s not so much about the color of the clothing as what it says about you.

That’s kind of why I like fashion. I get to pick what my outfit means, one piece at a time, and then how those pieces relate say something as well. Everything you wear says something about you, whether you realize it or not.

So, I will keep my brigade of scarves and wear them with regardless of warm weather!


8 thoughts on “Introvert Fashion

  1. I feel like i am reading an article about myself and opinion. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. We don’t really have that here in the UK. The political clothing and accessory thing, I mean, not the scarf thing. We definitely get the scarf thing.

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  3. I love scarves. Do you prefer the light and gauzy kind or the knit kind?

    I agree about the political t-shirts, you really have to pick the right audience to wear them around. Last night CNN ran a story about a Trump supporting tow truck driver refusing to tow a car with a Bernie bumper sticker.

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  4. Interesting about the political attire. Another thing you should remember is that for anyone working as a journalist, or even working in a place where journalism is practiced, political expressions should be verboten. I suppose some things might be different than when I was still committing journalism, but in my day, any hint of political bias was frowned upon, and with good reason, in my opinion. I know this isn’t the gist of your post here, but that’s the part that drew my attention. Scarves? I adore them!

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  5. I think scarves are a lovely accessory!

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