In the wake of my own personal tragedy, Orlando hits hard. It is hard to imagine my grief, already nearly unbearable, amplified by 50. Truly awful.

I’m not going to write about any political agenda, or point fingers, or argue about who has the “right” to grieve, or whose fault it is, or what this is really about, because I’m tired of the insincerity of Facebook and honestly I’m still too struck by the tragedy of the loss of life.

I am just going to say that this is a terrible thing that we are all feeling, and my heart goes out to the victims and their families.


4 thoughts on “Orlando

  1. Thank you for saying this. My Facebook feed is making me sick as I watch people argue over who to blame and what laws should be changed because of this and which political party would’ve handled it better. All I keep thinking is that they’ve already forgotten what’s most important, that 103 people were injured, 50 of whom lost their lives and 12 of which are still in danger of losing theirs. While I sit here thankful that all of my friends in Orlando are safe, my heart aches for those who were not so lucky.

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  2. I agree with you, may their souls rest in peace.



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