Everything’s an Argument

In my high school English class we read this book called Everything’s an Argument. While I learned nearly nothing from the book, the title still rings true to this day.

The world is so full of criticism. It’s around every corner. Everything you do can be argued, can be seen as wrong, or offensive, or stupid, or a waste.

I’ve been feeling down lately, for no real reason. Without steady work hours I’ve felt kind of gross, and procrastinaty. I haven’t really felt like doing much lately…which is why there have been fewer blog posts lately, and I’m sorry. I’m trying to work things out.

I wanted to make this post about how my friends from college have been arguing about Pokemon Go since last night. Some say it’s a waste of time that serves to only get us addicted to screens and walk us into traffic. Normally, cynic I can be when I get in these negative moods, I would agree.

However, I tried the game, and it is so much fun. Plain, guiltless, cooperative fun. A few friends and I spent the whole day together, outside, walking around. I walked 8 kilometers, just today! For those of you who don’t know, it’s a phone game that allows you to catch Pokemon, little creatures, in real life. What was once just a video game is now taking place in the real world. You yourself have to traverse the real world to find the creatures.

It made me go outside, and smile, and laugh, genuinely. It allowed me to forget all my worries that usually are hard to push out of my mind. I got to see the world through the eyes of a child, and I felt curious and intoxicated with discovery for the first time in a long time.

But everything is an argument. Why, why do we have to be cynical about everything? Why must we argue everything? Why must we suck the joy out of life? Can’t I just spend a Saturday chasing cartoon animals around town without it being the subject of debate?

It’s a debate culture. Everything can be argued and criticized, and I think that’ why I worry so much to begin with. A vicious cycle, that.


3 thoughts on “Everything’s an Argument

  1. Personally, not that I’m into games myself, I think this sounds like a really positive pastime. It got you out and about, with friends, doing something fun that took your mind off feeling blue for a while. No debate here. Just do what you need to do to unwind, everybody gets to choose that for themselves. No judgement required. X

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  2. That sounds like so much fun. The game not the argument. Lol

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  3. Interestingly, I think the argumentative side of our society stems from our utter nurturing of our children. In the past, we strived to give our children a grasp on the real world. We corrected them wen genuine mistakes happened and we commended them when genuine successes happened.

    In contrast, our modern society seems to want to abolish the former and former of the later. When they enter the real world, they are in conflict.

    Their self image told them they were more successful than what the responses of their peers would suggest. So they lash out; clearly the things that people were saying were wrong, right?

    There begins the cycle. Because their argue meaninglessly, reinforcing their need to argue to strengthen their self-esteem, their peers do the same. Cynicism begets cynicism; it spreads like a plague.

    All things become offensive so everyone can spend time on the soap box, proclaiming for just a little while how right they are, confirming their deeply seeded need for validation beset in them by their childhood.

    Sure, not everyone is like this and this might be wrong. But consider that even if someone thinks I’m wrong about all this, statistically those responses will be vicious and argumentative at worst, talentedly debated at best, and before long will be wittled down into nothing more than finger pointing and playground name calling.

    Great post, good read.

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