Infodump: The Musical

I love the sound strawberries make when you cut off their top. You can hear their hollowness. They’re so rubbery.

I’m eating strawberries as I write this, for the full picture. I think visuals are important, especially in a musical. I’m calling this post a musical because it’s going to be like one of those montage musical numbers, when they build the barn or train for battle or Simba grows up while walking across a log or whatever.

Hi. I know it’s been awhile, so, hi. What have I been up to, during this summer of non-blogging? I’ve been working, writing for a local paper. I’ve been cooking a lot, I’ve been getting better at ukulele, I’ve been DM’ing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for my friends from high school, I’ve been playing Pokemon Go, I’ve been enjoying these rare months being in the same state as my boyfriend, and, somehow, I’ve been writing fiction in between. I’ve also been knitting, sewing, crafting, reading. I’m reading Lord of the Flies now since I never did in school and, my, it’s (unsurprisingly) amazing.

I leave for the Netherlands in three weeks. I’ll be travellouging a bit on here I’m sure, as I said I would. I’m thinking of also doing a separate travellouge for my family. I’m also also thinking of doing a travellouge in the voice of Bojack Horseman.

The Netflix series Bojack Horseman is one of my absolute favorite shows of all time, and I thought it might be fun and soul-searchy to write a blog as if I were Bojack. I made a little Bojack doll out of old shirts. We’ll see what happens.

What else? I went to Newport Folk Festival, what a wonderful time. I got into wearing sunhats.I feel like every sentence I write could have been a blogpost, so this musical idea kinda works.

I missed venting to the internet.

As for my head, I’ve been managing myself alright. I’m nervous about having to make new friends overseas, but I’ll manage. Somehow, I’ll manage.

For now, I just have to say goodbye to my boyfriend (again…again) and pack, and in three weeks I can worry about the “friend” business.

The strawberries are gone. The music fades, just like summer.

Hi. This is Introvert Playground!

4 thoughts on “Infodump: The Musical

  1. What are you doing in the netherlands? can I suggest some stops to be sure to make if you have the time?

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    • sure! I’m studying abroad for three months starting mid september. I have lots of travel time and am open to suggestions!

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      • that is so exciting. Go to the zoo in amsterdam. Go to Boom Chicago. Museums are obvious but be careful the first weekend of each month is free museum weekend and it will be a mad house. Eat at the hole in the wall french fry places, they usually have about 30 different toppings to put on your paper cone of fries. There are lots of good dive restaurants with ethnic food from places the netherlands once subjugated. And it is usually REAL food, not washed out bland ethnic food. And I’m trying to remember if it’s the coffee house or the cafes that actually sell coffee. The other one sells other types of drugs. LOL. Ill ask the hubs.

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  2. I literally read it like you described it to be. Really liked this post of yours. And if you ask me what I’ve been up to I’ve been busy running my ass around classes and work and a little bit of blogging I guess. 😁😁

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