It just so happens that my 100th post will be tomorrow, the first day of the A to Z Challenge. It’s kind of poetic, how it ended up like that.

My 99th post. I also (technically) started my blog last September, so this is also the end of the 6th month of having a blog. So timely! It feels like a season finale or something.

Since I’ll only be blogging about myself on Sundays, I wanted to do a little update today. In April, while I’m writing a new piece of fiction for this blog every day, I will be taking final exams and later moving back home. My boyfriend, who (as you are likely tired of hearing by now) spent this semester in Mexico, is coming home on Sunday the 17th, which I’ll probably talk about when it happens. I’ll continue working at the Globe, and my final few posts at the Emerson Pub Club blog will go up, which I’ll share with you accordingly.

Enough about me—I want to thank you for reading my blog, especially if you “follow” it. It makes me and others in the community feel like they are not alone. I feel so lucky to have such a thoughtful community. Often I feel like the comments you leave are better than the posts themselves—which is a good thing!

Basically, I want to thank you. If the Playground keeps growing, and I hope it does, I may buy a domain, in which case the site will change slightly (most likely to introvertplayground.com, instead of introvertplayground.wordpress.com). We will cross that bridge when we come to it, and we likely won’t come to it for quite awhile, but I wanted to notify you now just in case.

Finally, as I mentioned before, my boyfriend is starting his blog tomorrow with the A to Z Challenge. His theme idea is very creative, and if you like nerdy, educational things about history and geography you’ll probably like his blog: https://voiceswalking.wordpress.com/

Overall, thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading my A to Z Challenge posts as much as I will enjoy writing them!