On Disagreements

It’s hard, when you disagree with someone and there’s no chance of either of you changing your mind. It’s worse when there’s no compromise–it’s a yes or no decision, and you think yes and they think no.

That’s where I am with my boyfriend at the moment. And it sucks because we’re in a long distance situation so we can’t talk it out in person. In the end we decided to let it sit for awhile and talk more about it later.

It sucks.

It sucks knowing no matter what the outcome, one of us will be unhappy and the other will feel guilty. It sucks because we both want everything to work but aren’t sure how.

When you disagree with someone you love, and it doesn’t turn into a fight, you both walk away feeling terrible. You both feel like you were in the wrong, and yet can’t bring yourself to change your mind. You both feel like a bad friend/etc. You both want to make the other happy but don’t want to hurt yourself or your relationship doing so.

Disagreements are a part of life–and they’re certainly part of being a couple. Sometimes the obvious answer isn’t so obvious, and sometimes a clear solution to a third party isn’t a solution that would work. Sometimes disagreements hurt worse than fights. It is important to remember–I sometimes forget this–that you are both equal. Don’t give up too easily. Don’t put them over yourself. But don’t put them under you, either.

God, it’s hard. But every disagreement comes to an end eventually. Sometimes it’s best to just…push on through.