On Boredom

As someone who can spend upwards of 7 hours on YouTube, and who has no problem driving for days at a time or on 12-hour flights, you’d think I knew how to deal with boredom. Well, you’d be mistaken.

There are certain times during the day when I run out of things to do. I’m waiting on a phone call, I’ve finished my tasks for the day, my boss is nowhere to be found…and I’m stuck. I can’t just pull up YouTube or Facebook, so I take to reading the news. Eventually, my eyes get sore from looking at the computer for so long, so I take a lap around the office. I go to the bathroom, not because I have to but because it’s there. I do the math, again, on how many days are left until my boyfriend gets back from Mexico. It’s always more days than I want it to be.

I usually end up getting something from the vending machine, but that’s never good. How do you deal with boredom in a setting where you aren’t supposed to be entertained? Where non-boring, non-work things are frowned upon?

I don’t know.

Really, I don’t. You just gotta chug along. I’ll be bored for a few minutes, but I’ll always find something to entertain me. Someone will call me with a task to do, or I’ll find something to work on. Before I know it, the day is over.

I think it’s because our brains are good at seeing patterns that boredom seems so constant. If you think to yourself, wow, I go to the bathroom a lot, you’ll be reminded of that thought every time you go to the bathroom and you’ll start believing it. Likewise, if you think to yourself, I’m always at work, that little light bulb will flash when you’re at work and not otherwise.

So, my little “I’m bored” light is flashing. What do I do?

No answer for you. I still don’t know. But my solution is to fill your mind with different light bulbs.

Wow, I’m always with my family.

I spend a lot of time in pajamas.

I’ve read a lot of books this year.

Keep your mind positive, and your life will follow. If you’re determined, it will happen, good or bad.

So, yeah, I guess my advice is to work hard…even when you have no more work left to do.

And if you’re that bored, go buy some gummy bears or something. Like I just did.