Ich bin eine Frau!

That’s about all I can say in German so far:) it is going well, though. I’m using duolingo and reading bits online, trying to find a good online course. I do have 6 months, but I’d like to get down at least conversational German. 

It is a feat to know two languages! I wish I was taught 2 from birth, or from an early age, like so many people are. However, I don’t think that will hinder me too much. 

People often say it’s far more difficult to learn a language after childhood, and this often discouraged me in the past. However, I’m going into this German thing with an open mind: sure, it may be hard, but not impossible. Completing challenges is good for the soul.

Open mindedness is, I believe, the key to happiness. Taking chances, making changes…it all comes back to being open to new things. So, here we go. Open, and ready. Ich bin eine Frau! Hear me roar (in German)!