Too early

I’m always too early for things. Guess it’s better than too late, but it’s still a hindrance–for me, not really for anyone else. 

I think it’s another way that anxiety makes me take on more than my fair share. I’d rather sit in a hot parking lot alone for a half hour than make someone wait two minutes. That’s no good, but I can’t help it. I feel better when I’m prepared, and being prepared by being early is just another way to do that. 

I’m sitting in a hot parking lot right now, actually, waiting for lunch with my boss. It’s not just any lunch with any boss–it’s our first lunch, because it’s the first time we’ve met. Meaning, I’ve worked for her for the entirety of my 6 month internship and am only meeting her now, a week after it ended.

Oh, yes, I’m nervous. I’m the first intern in over three rotations to see her face (she works at home). But at the same time, I know her. Right? Is it possible to know someone from a half-year of emails and a handful of phone calls?

I guess I’m about to find out. Well, in half an hour. 

Jeez. It’s like a first date, except we know each other and no longer work together and…this is so weird.
I hope the food is good at least? Chinese food, how could it not be? Worst comes to worst I’ll just fill myself with egg rolls and go home and never see her again, case closed. 
You’d think someone with a blog section on conversation starters would be less nervous about this sort of thing…