Hello, you beautiful thing.

Jason Mraz has a song called “Hello, You Beautiful Thing.” I think it’s so lovely. I don’t know many of the words, but the ones that have been stuck in my heart lately are: This is what I’ve been waiting for!

It repeats over and over, in a canon, in a celebration, yes, it’s here, I’ve been waiting for this! Hello, you beautiful thing.

I haven’t spent too long analyzing the song, but its happy little tune makes me think it’s about a flower blossoming, the first few moments of spring, or a first kiss. A moment that comes out of long anticipation and brings joy and beauty. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Hello, you beautiful thing.

It’s lovely. It’s a good song to wake up to.

My alarm last year was Alive with the Glory of Love by Say Anything. It’s loud and rambunctious at the beginning, shredding electric guitar, and then goes into a rhythmic drum beat that usually woke me up. Now I wake up to my phone vibrating and beeping. I might change it to Mraz’s soft voice saying hello, you beautiful thing.

I want each morning to be “what I’ve been waiting for.” I want to want to rise. I want to be invigorated by the sun. I want to hear birds and feel the sun on my face and start the day dancing. Or, at least with a nice cup of tea.

Wake up slow, to quote Banana Pancakes, another cute little song.

I’ve been quite obsessed with waking up and going to sleep lately. The routines we do around sleeping. Perhaps it’s because I’m slowly starting to prefer being awake.