Being handy

I’ve always believed in trying to do things myself before calling for help. Not big things–surgery is best kept to the experts, after all–but little things like hanging up a picture, changing my oil, I always try to figure it out on my own first.

So I guess it’s no surprise that I would take to sewing. I have created a shoddy quilt out of old shirts, which entailed hand-cutting, stuffing, and sewing twenty t-shirts together. It worked out pretty well, even though I’ve never made a blanket before. It’s amazing what some determination and a WikiHow can do.

When my boyfriend mentioned he was thinking of getting some shirts tailored, I said I’d gladly give it a shot before he go off and spend a bunch of money on a tailor. And off I went with one of his less-favorite shirts!

Just this morning I sewed according to my measurements, and took it in about an inch and a half all the way around–a bit more at the armpits. And now, well, it looks pretty good! Still waiting on his opinion, but I think it came out alright, especially for a first try.

I love trying things like this, because it makes me feel powerful! Not dragon-slaying powerful, but nonetheless I feel better about myself. Finding new skills gives me confidence. It’s an added bonus that well-fitting clothes give people confidence too, so this is really a win-win. Not to mention, it gives me an excuse to be an introvert for a day:)

Happy toes

For my grandmother, whose birthday is soon:


A hole a sock a thread a pin

A stuffed tomato to stick it in

A thimble a button a needle a knot

Using her teeth to pull it taut.

Blue and black, white and gray

A tube of glue for a rainy day

A nimble thumb, the smell of rose

A mended sock for happy toes


A lemon cookie, a mug of tea

A grandmother’s hug, just for me.