Power, resurrected

Voices collected, ambitions rejected

Children subjected to hate, protected

By parents connected, but they are neglected

By those who correct them with chains.

Unexpected revolting, cities injected

With highline objective, now you’ve been selected,

Infected, directed, suspected, ejected.

They say, “unaffected.” Insane.

This love, misdirected, is being reflected

In friends disconnected, hate uncorrected,

Those disrespected don’t go undetected.

We just want to own our own names.

Opening up conversation

Today I wanted to open up a conversation with you guys about a recent comment on my post from Wednesday, “I would prefer not to.”

The commenter goes by “A Layman” but was “M.E.B” at time of commenting, and their blog can be found here. Their comment:


It is a good concept that you bring up. My first question to you, which can only be answered subjectively, “What does it mean to live.” For me, I rebel because there is too much in this society. I rebel against the instant gratification. The instant creativity. Have a blog, everyone is a writer. There is nothing wrong with this, but having everything at our fingertips kills creativity, rather than enhancing it.
Creativity is a struggle. A struggle within and a struggle without.I don’t find working in an office, which I did after spending years getting a degree, enjoyable at all. I actually regret going to college at all. It was a complete waste of my time. In my opinion, I could have spent that time living life. Living it the way I would live life. Free. Another subjective word, of which it would take far more than a blog page to define what freedom means to me. In a few words, freedom is to be free of the society. Free of commercialization. Free of the hell that has formed around me by rich tycoons who control the colleges, the institutions and the government. Free, simply to be me. Not some droid with thoughts implanted into my mind to perform the duties of the society. I am not a member of a society. I am member of humanity.


This inspiring comment really made me think. I agreed with it, deep in my heart. I think a lot of us have the gut instinct to rebel and run away from all our responsibilities…but the realist in me was holding back. Freedom, in its nature, is a scary thing. It’s risky to be free, easier to go along with the system put in place by society. I can never quite decide which is better, for me or for others: to play by the rules, or to change the rules so the game is fairer.

I’d like to hear your opinions on this, since mine are far from being concrete. Without judgment, share your ideas. As a community we can have a great Friday discussion on freedom, creativity, safety, and society.

Long Distance Relationships

Ah, long distance relationships. It’s funny. My friend from Hong Kong said that many of his friends are in very successful long distance relationships and are literally across the planet from each other. So why do people freak out when their significant others go to school a few states away?

Age, maturity, fear of the unknown, and western society all play into it, as far as I can see. College kids don’t have the world-experience older people have, as much as I wish that weren’t true. Everyone is afraid of the unknown. And our society bangs into our head through television and other media that long distance doesn’t work.

We fetishize sex so much that it seems impossible two people could remain in love without it. This view is so juvenile I won’t even spend too much time on it. I’m in a long distance relationship, and I miss holding his hand more than his kisses. Physical closeness is the one big difference, but sex is only a small part of that. Cuddling, I would argue, is much more important. The little things. And it’s hard, but not impossible.

Maybe I’m just a product of my times, where it is so easy to remain in contact with people it seems dumb to assume distance means breaking up. Maybe I’m just naive. But in my opinion, if a relationship is meant to last, it will last, despite the odds and despite the distance.

So if you came here looking for advice, I’d say go for it.